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But both might also argue that their character and city brand has been more protected and promoted since getting local representation. The Federal Reserve made comments this week that appeared to be a softening of the landing they think will occur when they announce a rate-cut next month. The reaction of the markets right now is more based on experts seeing that the Fed is concerned enough about the economy to consider a rate-cut and investors have pulled money from the stock market and moved it into safer investments, like bonds.

When bonds are bought in high volumes, mortgage interest rates tend to go down — which has happened in a big way. You probably remember Braselton as the small, quaint country town somewhere north east of Atlanta that used to be owned by actress Kim Bassinger. They also thought about building a theme park, homes and shopping centers, according to a article that ran in the AJC. She may have been 18 years ahead of its time. There is a lot going on in Braselton right now. Renovations include a complete overhaul of guest rooms and 24 suites, four new food and beverage outlets, the winery, the resort lobby and improvements to the existing pool terrace and spa.

The new dining options will include a coffee and wine bar located in the lobby. The Marc Bar will be added to the back of the winery restaurant and the new Atrium Bar will get a foot Douglas fir wood sculpture. Chateau Elan may very well be stepping up its game to keep up with development that looks to be going up all around it. The biggest thing happening up there will be the acre, mixed-use project that will be known as Reveille.

It will be just to the northwest of Chateau Elan and will include three segments. The first would include , square feet of retail, , square feet of office, units of multifamily residential, 75 townhomes, 25 assisted-living townhomes and a room hotel. And the third will have townhomes and cottage homes.

The acre site is where a developer had planned for a similarly-scaled development in called Atlanta River Walk. It was an aggressive development that included the construction of a river flowing through the town. Having designed several successful and massive mixed-use communities, they likely will bring with them a certain confidence that could be helpful in winning over county officials.

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According to the Chronicle, they anticipate breaking ground near the end of this year. When and if they do, they may have company.

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Just to the northeast of this project, and one exit up I, Stolz Partners LLC of Alpharetta is proposing a acre industrial, multifamily and commercial project. Braselton is undergoing a pretty significant transformation. The town has always provided us with nuggets of interesting stories. After making his fortune by inventing technology associated with the nicotine patch, Panoz started a company that manufactured super high-end sports cars including the Avezzano and Esperante.

Panoz, who recently passed away, was also instrumental in building Chateau Elan, according to reports in the Chronicle. Braselton certainly has an interesting — and marketable, history. These new developments will certainly add to it. If you think you have a handle on the Perimeter Center area in Dunwoody and how it is growing, you might want to think again. There are three huge office projects in the works that will add over 2.

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Park Center is the largest project currently under construction and is a acre, master-planned project that includes four, plus story buildings that will house more than 10, employees for State Farm. The first building is complete and currently hosts State Farm employees, and construction is underway on buildings II and III which will open in January and January respectively. Construction has not started on the fourth building, but it is being marketed to a non-State Farm tenant.

There also will be links to multi-use trails that will lead to surrounding parks and other trail systems. Twelve24 is the second project and broke ground last July It will include a story office building with 11, square feet of restaurant space, a 9,square-foot fitness center and a conference center. Connected to the building will be a story Hyatt Place Hotel.

The office has a large tenant slated to move in with Insight Global. With the introduction to the area of at least 10, State Farm employees and thousands of others, one would wonder whether the surrounding services can support them. My office is in the Perimeter area and I can tell you that at noon, most of the restaurants I go to are already packed.

The answer is a development that will be called High Street. It is being developed by Avalon-developer North American Properties and will include , square feet of retail, , square feet of office, luxury residences and a room hotel. This project when complete will feel more like a gathering place.

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When built, this project appears as though it will serve as the true center of town for the Perimeter area. And being located also across Hammond Drive from the State Farm project, its retail will no doubt have a tremendous amount of daytime customers an easy walk away. Local experts have said for years that the draw for these projects was the availability of the land so close to the transit station. Companies are working harder and harder to lure the next generation of our workforce, and those workers seem to be more flexible when it comes to alternatives to using the car to get around.

The state and local municipalities have all come to grips with the understanding that we need to spend more money on providing transportation alternatives, or else we will risk having traffic choke our ability to keep attracting businesses to the Metro area. The metro counties for the first time have come together to collect dedicated tax money that will be set aside for MARTA, which will slowly transform its name and brand to The ATL.

The state dramatically increased its spending on transit and transportation projects in the metro Atlanta area. The residents and workers that will occupy the new spaces around the Dunwoody transit station will all have very quick access to the new network of transit options. And the office developers, and State Farm, are betting big that the future workforce will see this as an important amenity in choosing where they want to work.

Dawson County may very well be next in line to become a county with a major mixed-use development. For those familiar with the area, it will be just east of Uncle Shucks Corn Maze, whose property does not appear to be part of the development. To give you the idea of the scale of this project, it is roughly 9 times the size of Avalon.

That is a huge assemblage of 40 mostly undeveloped properties. The project includes acres for parks and greenspace, a acre public park on the Etowah River that will also have a canoe launch, and a winery and vineyard. A large chunk of the development will also incorporate residential living with multi-family units, single-family attached homes, single-family detached homes and a unit continuing care retirement community with both independent and assisted living.

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And then there is this: the developer is proposing , square feet of office space with a building up to 10 stories tall. It could be the first real attempt by the county to draw in a significant white-collar workforce. In addition to that, the project is including a convention and performing arts center.

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This seems like something that would be done in conjunction with county civic leaders to either draw people up into the scenic and rural Dawson County, or make it more desirable for businesses who may want to get away from the traffic and have an office in a walkable area out in the country.